Rocking Rebates: ICBC announces $110 rebate to drivers, basic rates remain unchanged

Victoria, British Columbia — According to the British Columbia government, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is providing a $110 rebate to eligible drivers. The ICBC has also announced that basic rates will be maintained until March 31st, 2023, marking six years in a row with no increases. This rebate is attributed to positive […]

Damaged Windshields: What You Need to Know

Damaged windshields are a common occurrence in everyday driving, they are usually caused by flying rocks or debris and can result in small chips or large cracks. Because a small crack or chip is usually deemed insignificant by drivers, they more often than not put off getting the damage repaired. This can ultimately lead to […]

Safe Roads, Safe Homes: Back-to-School Road Safety

The 2020 school year is upon us, and while our homes might be quieter with our kids in the classroom (in-person or virtual), the roads have increased in volume with more commuters, school busses and pedestrians. The spring and summer months saw a more relaxed driving experience due to most people staying home from school, […]

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