ESRA2 Webinar Series: Measuring Global Traffic Safety Cultures to Support Effective Road Safety Policy Development Pt. 5

ESRA (E-Survey of Road users Attitude) is an international initiative of research centres and road safety institutes across the world. Data based on past habits and behaviours, attitudes, beliefs, norms and values from drivers around the world are compared and analyzed to provide road safety indicators for policy-making at national and international levels. The first stage (ESRA1) saw 38 countries in 5 continents participate, and the current stage (ESRA2) has seen 48 countries join in.

ESRA2 is offering six free one-hour webinars in advance of the 2021 international conference. These webinars are hosted by the ESRA partners across the world who are organizing and analyzing the E-Survey of Road Users’ Attitudes. New results from the ESRA2 data, collected at the end of 2019, will be highlighted throughout six one-hour webinars scheduled between September 2020 and February 2021. Two topic areas per webinar will be presented and focus on measuring traffic safety culture using global road safety performance indicators.

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