Total Wipe Out

It was a very hot week in August of 2013, and it hadn’t rained for a while. I was coming around a bend that was also at the top of a hill, and as I started to drive down the hill, it began to pour rain. The road became oily and I started to hydroplane. I was 17 at the time, so I wasn’t aware that when you brake while hydroplaning it is dangerous, so my first reaction was to brake.

The van slide into the other lane, and then when I tried to go back into my own lane, the back end of the van swung around and we slid into a nearby ditch, where the van then rolled three times, side over side. Luckily, there were no other cars on the road. Once we stopped rolling, I ran to the road for help. I am thankful that my friends and I were relatively unharmed, but it was a very stressful experience. Now I know about the dangers of driving in wet road conditions.

– Virginia, Cobourg ON

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