ATTN: BC drivers — Has your windshield been damaged or chipped? ICBC will assist you


For many drivers, a chipped or damaged windshield is an unexpected inconvenience that can disrupt their daily commute. Understanding how to address this issue swiftly and effectively can save time and money, particularly for those drivers in BC covered by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). Here’s a look at how ICBC facilitates windshield repairs or replacements through its Comprehensive coverage plan.

When a windshield suffers damage, whether it’s a minor chip or a more significant crack, the first question for most drivers is whether their insurance will cover the repair costs. For those with ICBC Comprehensive coverage, the answer is generally yes, and often without any cost to the policyholder. In many cases, a deductible is not required for repairs, making it a hassle-free solution for vehicle owners.

Drivers can take their vehicle to any ICBC-approved Glass Repair Program facility to initiate a claim. These facilities are equipped to handle the repair or replacement of windshields swiftly and efficiently. If a driver finds that there are no such facilities in their immediate area, ICBC’s helpline is available to assist in reporting the claim and directing them to the nearest approved location.

The advantages of using an ICBC-approved facility are manifold. These facilities not only manage the claims process but also ensure that all parts and labor are up to industry standards. They can invoice ICBC directly, which eliminates the need for drivers to pay upfront and seek reimbursement later. This streamlined process is not only convenient but also ensures that the repairs or replacements are done properly.

For those opting to use a non-ICBC accredited supplier, the process involves more steps. Drivers must report the claim to obtain a glass claim number, pay for the repairs out of pocket, and then submit necessary documentation, including photos and an itemized invoice, to ICBC for reimbursement consideration.

Windshield damage that qualifies for repair under the Comprehensive coverage must meet certain criteria. The damage should be smaller than a loonie (Canadian one-dollar coin), and any repair must not leave residual damage greater than ¼ inch in the driver’s line of vision. It’s important to note that long cracks or previous damage might disqualify a windshield from being eligible for repair, necessitating a replacement instead.

The deductibles for windshield replacement depend on the terms of the policyholder’s coverage. In situations where a deductible applies, it is typically paid only when the windshield needs to be replaced rather than repaired.

ICBC also provides detailed information for vehicle owners through their Glass Claims Information Sheet, which offers insight into the differences between approved facilities and non-suppliers, and outlines the steps to seek reimbursement when necessary.

For more information on how to proceed with a windshield claim or to locate an approved repair facility, ICBC encourages drivers to reach out directly to their Glass Repair Program or contact the ICBC customer service for guidance. With the right information and resources, navigating the process of windshield repairs or replacements can be a clear and straightforward journey for all drivers covered under ICBC.

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