A Quarter Charged: AAA study reveals quarter of U.S. drivers prepared to make the switch to electric vehicles

Toronto, Ontario — In March 2023, the American Automobile Association (AAA) conducted a survey about electric vehicle (EV) adoption and found that one in four U.S. adults say they would be “very likely” or “likely” to buy an exclusively electric-powered vehicle.

The survey, which ran between March 2nd to the 7th, 2023 and polled 1,170 U.S. drivers age 18 or older, specifically found that 76 percent of those interested in purchasing an EV “cite a desire to save on the cost of fuel as one of their reasons, followed by a concern for the environment at 60 percent.”

Moreover, AAA also found that Millennials are more likely to buy a fully electric vehicle for their vehicle at 31 percent compared to Gen X at 21 percent and Baby Boomers at 18 percent.

Those who are interested in purchasing an EV also said that they are most interested in purchasing new rather than used.

For those concerned about EVs, the cost, lack of charging stations, cost to replace or repair the battery and range anxiety remain the primary barriers to purchasing an EV. In addition, four in 10 consumers are concerned about the impact cold weather has on EV range.

AAA’s results remain similar to 2022’s data in which one quarter of U.S. adults similarly said they would consider buying an EV.

To see AAA’s full report, click here.

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