Losing Charge: Only 11 percent of Canadian new-vehicle shoppers ‘very likely’ to consider an EV, says J.D. Power report

Toronto, Ontario — According to a recent report from J.D. Power entitled “2024 Canada Electric Vehicle Consideration Study,” just 11 percent of new-vehicle shoppers in the country are “very likely” to consider an electric vehicle (EV) for their next purchase.

This figure represents a three percentage point decrease from 2023 and the second consecutive year in Canada that EV consumer EV interest has declined.

Key findings from the study further revealed that among shoppers who say they will not consider an EV for their next vehicle purchase, limited driving distance per charge was most frequently cited—at 68 percent—as an obstacle to consideration. This was closely followed by concerns over purchase price at 61 percent and fears over lack of charging station availability at 60 percent.

Moreover, the report also outlined that “despite widespread awareness of EVs and growing efforts by manufacturers to make EV test drives available, 52 percent of vehicle shoppers have never been in an EV.”

Additionally, “among those in Canada who have rented, borrowed or test driven an EV, 36 percent say they are ‘somewhat likely’ or ‘very likely’ to consider purchasing an EV.”

Across Canada, the rate of EV consideration was reportedly highest in Quebec, with 40 percent of consumers indicating interest in EV ownership. This was closely followed by 33 percent of consumers in British Columbia.

To see the full report, click here.

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